Case study on sensodyne

Your tonsils can become more of a source of infection than a force for good - go to see an ENT surgeon. I was given two courses of very strong antibiotics which helped the infection but suddenly I have got ulcers in my throat and to the side of my tonsils.

Yasmin 8 March 09 Try going to a naturalpath. Biota commenced legal proceedings in alleging Glaxo's reduced marketing of zanamivir to be a breach of contract. Medical uses[ edit ] Zanamivir is used for the treatment of infections caused by influenza A and influenza B viruses, but in otherwise-healthy individuals, benefits overall appear to be small.

I hope this helps someone. Has anyone else been told this? By the end of that season, Tamiflu was outselling zanamivir 3: Sonia 21 June 18 Difflam Bonjeal and many other types of spray are useless and cause trouble to your stomach.


Pls give me suggetions if anyone can. I went to Doctor and he said nothing to worry about and it will sort it self out. You spray it where ever orally and it numbs it real nice for temporary relief. A friend of mine was diagnosed as coeliac after a number of issues although mouth ulcers wasn't really one of them.

I find chocolate and oranges in any form cause and irritate them.

Sensodyne Case Study

Put Clove Oil on a Q-tip and apply it directly to the sore. Just remember to rest and gargle warm salt water. Maybe you can over do it with medications? Insights As the Sensodyne brand has developed at varying rates in different markets, the digital strategy and activation solution needed to allow mature markets to gain share and new markets to create a strong initial brand presence.

And how do you just remove stress?! The main thing I eliminated from my diet was pasta, I love pasta and was eating a lot of it. My main theory is linked to diet though. I have taken the ususal mouthwashers, gels and sprays, but a pensioner friend of mine suggested I put oil of cloves on it, which I have, because quite honestly I will try anything now and although it tastes horrible and stings for a while, it does actually give me a few hours pain free.

If that works get your B12 checked and do some research not all Dr. Tonsil stone cause by acid reflux at night. Sourav 26 November 15 my tonsils and down my throat is covered in ulcers it hurts so much and my head feels like iv been kicked by a horse bearly managed to get up this morning anyone want to help me out and tell if i need doctor or let it run its course roxanne 27 February 15 I suffered tonsilitus since I was about 23 every 3 months white tonsils severe fever really heavy head full of green snot ear ache u name it I had it couldn't lift my head from the pillow half the time doc put me on penicillin vk cleared everything in a week had tonsillectomy at 33 was ill for a month afterwards nasty operation when your older having them removed never had it for 6 yrs after that then only got it twice no more since then thank god deb 21 February 15 Is it dangerous to have a ulcer on your tonsils?

After about 24 hours it is mostly gone. Now i know why i have them which is comforting but it does not make it any easier. All so my legs hurt.

It is a foaming agent found in most tooth pastes that is known to cause mouth ulcers in some people. Now I would say I get one once every 3 months, which is all I could ever have wanted. People who get these ulcers might want to do a rotation diet to determine if they may be allergic to something they are eating.

Maybe give it a try. Marcus 26 January 14 Sorry it looks like ive wrote and essay, just very glad i found this site. As others have mentioned there are literally days when i cannot talk let alone eat or drink, even a sip of water will bring tears to my eyes!

To back up my thing about " sex" I am non sexually active and have no plans to become sexual active, oral or other wise until I am ready too. Its not a case of persistant ulcers just that my entire mouth is raw and ulcers are springing up as quickly as they go.

Also Feel the mucus draining dowm my throat and neck on left side.

Sensodyne Case Study

Ms J 9 November 10 I have painful ulcers on the side of my tongue and on my tonsils. I'm going for my tonsilectomy 6 days later, hopefully everything goes smoothly:Sensodyne Case Study Insight By launching the activity in London, we needed an iconic location that would provide a clear link with the capital and ease of access for the press and Londoners – Potters Field was a perfect location for its location and its proximity to the major and Tower Bridge.

Our consumer healthcare products. Many of our brands, such as Sensodyne, Aquafresh and Nicorette are familiar around the world. Our prescription medicines. How Marketing created a Billion Dollar brand: The Sensodyne case study.

This is the story of how a change in marketing strategy completely transformed the fortunes of Sensodyne. The Dabbl platform provided the time, level of engagement and consumer trust for Sensodyne to achieve the ProNamel objectives. Over 50, consumers completed the full brand experience including watching the full 30 second video and engaging in all trivia and multiple choice feedback activities.

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Case study on sensodyne
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